Historic Notes - founded on April 22, 1980 in response to the need of a handful of young people for shelter and aid

- served tens of thousands of young people and families since opening its doors

- situated near the historic district of Port Jefferson, NY

-survives on donations and bequests. Hope House ministries accepts no Federal money for its day to day operations. 

Welcome The Lord Found in Your Brother

The woundedness of human life impacted St. Louis de Montfort from the very first moments of his vocational journey. Trading clothes with a homeless man shortly after leaving his family; serving as a chaplain in Poitiers for the city’s most desperately poor and forgotten people; embracing a dying beggar and giving him his own bed as a place to pass into Eternal Glory; and many more instances when Montfort went beyond what was expected of him and served the Crucified Christ whom he met in his neighbor.

Hope House Ministries has always sought to be a physical manifestation of Montfort’s Incarnational spirituality—touching lives of the rich and poor with the tenderness and care of Jesus of Nazareth.  Spend time visiting us and come to see the Lord, hidden in your brother.

Founded by a Montfort Missionary priest in 1980 this program is now independent of the Company of Mary. Yet, still inspired by Montfort’s call for universal charity, Hope House Ministries serves all people in need and is a place of safe welcome for people of Long Island. 

For more information, please follow this link to Hope House’s website: www.hhm.org 

Founder and Current President

Father Francis Pizzarelli, SMM