About the Center


A place apart with the Lord

Montfort Spiritual Center was located in our former seminary and was converted into a retreat house and conference center. Over the decades, countless men and women have come for programs on prayer, spirituality, the religious life, and to be renewed in their commitment to walk as a friend of Jesus. 

Sadly, economic realities slowly were impacting our ability to plan for growth. With the COVID-19 pandemic we were forced to close our doors in February 2020. There are no plans for future public events or activities at our Center. The primary focus for the house is to provide care for our sick and elderly confreres, while a few of the Fathers residing here work in the adjoining area.  

For the Montfort Community, our employees and staff, and so many of our family, friends and neighbors who have walked with us through the years, this is a difficult choice to have made. 

Despite the challenges we face, the Fathers who live here are dedicated to prayer. Even in their own aging and illnesses, they are committed to praying for the world around us as it struggles with the Cross of illness and uncertainty. This unity with our neighbors helps those in-residence to feel connected to “the God whom we find in our neighbor.”

I Am All Yours, Lord  Jesus, 

and All that I have is yours 

through the hands of your 

Most Loving Mother, our Blessed Mother Mary...

Contact Information:

Montfort Spiritual Center Secretary

26 South Saxon Avenue

Bay Shore, NY 11706-8890

This facility is also the home of Montfort Publications where we continue the work of spreading St. Louis de Montfort’s teachings through the printed word and other forms of media.