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Saint Louis de Montfort made use of every available means of communication to reach his “audience.” As a preacher he knew there is power in words and that this power can change hearts.  He took time in prayer and quiet, and this is when Montfort’s eloquence and near-mysticism combined. He wrote what he was experiencing in silent prayer.

He is most famous for the Treatise on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin which leads us through a meditation of how best to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, God’s Wisdom Incarnate, through a perfect renewal of our baptismal consecration to Jesus through the hands of Mary, the first disciple.  This work, however, is what Montfort wrote after having written the centerpiece of this theology and spirituality, the Love of the Eternal Wisdom. This work guides us through a scriptural meditation on how much God has intervened in human history to save us and lead us back to Him. The Incarnation of the Word in Jesus is THE moment when God’s Wisdom takes on our flesh and the work of Salvation becomes the work of humanity with God.  At Calvary Wisdom’s work of creation is complete; now we work with Jesus as disciples of the End Times with Mary at the center of our life as a Church, a community of missionaries.

The Montfort Missionaries continue his work of preaching through mass media, too. Montfort Publications is a ministry through which we make the writings of our founder available to those who want to learn more about the Love of God in Jesus, as taught by St. Louis de Montfort nearly 300 years ago.

Check out our website that enables you to get copies of all of Montfort’s writings in English and Spanish: Love of the Eternal Wisdom; True Devotion; the Prayer for Missionaries; and his poems and hymns.  

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Everything Montfort wrote and preached was dedicated to God Alone.  May his words ring true to your life and lead you to a deeper relationship with Jesus, the One who lived for God Alone.