In his travels throughout western France and even to Rome, St. Louis de Montfort discovered something wonderful in the people he met. He found in them a deep faith and a yearning to be closer to God.  As he walked the roads of Europe he listened intently to what people told him, and he learned that the Lord was hard at work in the lives of so many “ordinary” people—not the bishops or popes only, but in everyone who shared in the baptismal mission to “Go out and tell the world...”

Study St Louis de Montfort’s Spirituality and writings. Allow his insight to draw you closer to Jesus, the Son of God and Mary

Today the word that’s used for this is “spirituality:” the result of one’s hard work of reflecting on their faith as it impacts the world around them.  For each one of us it is a unique call to follow Jesus; for all of us who have been baptized into his life, death and resurrection, it is our common identity. Montfort’s approach (spiritual teaching) is profoundly incarnational in that it is rooted in the human experience of Divine Love and Intervention.  Like Mary, we are graced to say ‘Yes’ over and over throughout our lives, especially when we consciously dedicate ourself to live for God Alone.

This path from the waters of baptism into eternal life is the work of a lifetime. It includes the Cross and our willingness to embrace it in all its power. And it remains constantly faithful to the Word of God, Jesus, like Mary, the first disciple who totally opened her heart to the Eternal Wisdom of God. 

Montfort’s Spirituality

Ad Jesum per Mariam